How to Measure Your Shapewear Size?

How to Measure Your Shapewear Size?

Shapewear works great in molding your body and giving it a unique and intriguing look. It does its best to shape your body and highlight all your captivating curves and edges. However, choosing the right size of shapewear is the key. If you select shapewear that is too loose or too tight, it will fall out on giving you the best shape and a better posture. It is crucial to choose shapewear that fits perfectly on your body to prevent any future mishaps. Not just for superficial purposes but also medical grade doctors suggest wearing a bodysuit for a fit body.  

Here is the procedure to follow to get the best body shapewear to get the best possible fitting.

Basic Measurement

To begin with, you must measure the dimensions of your hi-waist, low waist, and hips. Your hip dimensions are accurate where your hips look the widest. Your exact hi-waist dimensions are where your waist shuttles in when your bend sideways. As for your low waist, the accuracy is a few inches (4-5) below the hi-waist. Keep this step in mind to find the exact and correct measurement.

 measure waist

Bra Size

Go on to finding the correct bra size. Your bra size is crucial, especially if you are going for a bodysuit with cups. To get the best body shapewear fitting, you need precise measurements. You could either keep a measuring tape directly against your breasts, and that is your actual measurement, or you can hold it against your stomach and add 4 inches to the final reading.  

bra size

Cup Size

If you want your bodysuit to have cups, the next step is to determine the cup size. To do this, wrap the tape around your breast without modifying or pressing any tissues. Subtract the reading from your bra size. For example, if your bra size is 38 and your result for the next step came out to be 35, your cup size is 3. Every inch corresponds to a cup size. The difference of one inch corresponds to a size A cup. In the above case, the size of the cup is C.

Plus Size Suits

Everyone doesn't need to be of the same size. That is why you can find a plus-size bodysuit for people who are on the healthier side.It is made of softer material as it is suitable for people whose body sweats a lot. The material of a plus-size bodysuit does not stick to your skin and does not cause any irritation. It is a blessing for women who are tired of the regular bras and underwear that are uncomfortable and lacy.

Plus Size Lycra® High Waist Booty Sculptor

When you buy a bodysuit, pay close attention to how you give your bodily dimensions, especially if you are getting your bodysuit custom-made. If you are purchasing it, pay attention to the ideal measurement. Do not overlook the size. The real magic of a bodysuit lies in how well it compliments your body, and this is only achievable when it fits your body size.