Slim Bodysuit Suitable for Winter Wear

Slim Bodysuit Suitable for Winter Wear

Winter is a time when layering is an absolute must. Though it’s a great season to bring out your coziest sweaters and jackets, dressing up for a party can pose some difficulties. Hence, you need the appropriate undergarment to keep you both warm and fit. Check out this shapewear guide for winter-friendly bodysuits that will make dressing up a breeze:

1. Plunge Shapewear 

Wearing shapewear for formal dresses or backless dresses for winter balls and parties tend to be more challenging since most body shapers have thick straps and back support to aid with body-slimming. Hence, DuraFits’ sexy plunge neck backless bodysuit shapewear has a deep U-shape for low-cut or strapless dresses, and a backless design for backless gowns.

It’s the perfect undergarment regardless of the season because of these noteworthy features:

* Sturdy structure for a tight body support

* All-in-one design to fit a variety of dress styles

* Body-slimming through well-fit and flexible fabric


2. Compression Garment for Postsurgery

Warm up even while you`re outside with a full-body compression garment that you can wear under layers of clothing.

The girdle offers stomach control that`s fitting for those who recently had surgery around the tummy or those who had just given birth.

Its removable bra is perfect for breastfeeding moms or if you simply want to wear your own bra. It also has an open-crotch design so even if you don`t remove it, you can go to the restroom anytime.

A compression garment is always a good idea during winter because it will keep you feeling cozy and wrapped up from the cold.

Compression Garment Post Surgery Shapewear

Compression Garment Post Surgery Shapewear


3. Three-Hooks Shapewear

Move around with ease even with layers of winter clothing by investing in a highly flexible shapewear.

It`s significant to take into consideration the closures of shapewear because if they`re not durable, you can expect a repair soon. With DuraFits Tummy body shaper with three-hooks, you get these winter-friendly benefits:

  • 360º Firm Compression
  • Soft fabric for effortless movement
  • Three-layer hooks design to ensure maximum compression without clothing malfunctions
Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear with 3 Hooks

Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear with 3 Hooks


4. Leg Length Shapewear

Don`t let the freezing weather deter you from working out! A leg length body shaper is one of the best-selling shapewear this season.

If you want to do a quick run or jog outside, exercise or do some pilates, you can easily do so with a body-fit shapewear that you can roll-up if you want to shorten the leg`s length.


Self-definition Leg Length Shapewear

Self-definition Leg Length Shapewear


5. Front-Hooks High-Rise Butt Enhancer

Make your winter outfits easy to wear with a pair of high-rise shorts that can double as your underwear. It has a butt enhancer and seamless style perfect for winter dresses.

During winter, you may want to wear a shapewear that feels like a panty but with the additional benefit of waist slimming and butt-enhancing so this pair of shorts will give you exactly these features without making restroom breaks awkward with the open-crotch design. 


Front Hooks High Rise Butt Enhancer


Front Hooks High Rise Butt Enhancer

Having the best shapewear is one of the initial steps to dressing up well. Smoothen your belly rolls and look sleek no matter the season with DuraFits body shapers.