Tips for Choosing Best Shapewear for All Women

Tips for Choosing Best Shapewear for All Women

Shapewear - the buzzing of the hour, and everyone is eager to get their hands on one. However, what many of us don’t know and understand is choosing the wrong shapewear might lead to many troubles over the years. Thus, people should be aware of their choice and choose the best shapewear for them, instead of being convinced to buy the trendy ones.

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Durafits shapewear offers a wide range of fits and sizes for everyone who desires to wear shapewear. It is vital that people know what they are buying and if it will fit them right. So, we have given some tips on how to choose the right shapewear for you!

1. Never ignore your size:

Many of us tend to think that buying a smaller size of any item of clothing will make us look better. This is absolutely wrong, especially in the case of shapewear. Shapewear is always supposed to fit you right, but not suffocate you. This might also lead to the collapse of internal organs, which is very dangerous to health.

So, stick to your size, buy the right fit, and rock any outfit!

2. Go for high-waist ones:

High-waisted shapewear comes with good recommendations. This is because they help in smoothing your lines throughout your torso and give you an hourglass figure. Shapewear bodysuits with high-waist also assist you to shape your thighs, tummy, waist, and butt - all with one single shapewear.

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3. Medium-constriction all the way:

There are 3 different levels of constriction when it comes to shapewear - light, medium, and high. Light compression is recommended for daily wear, and high compression is for wearing under formal wear during big occasions. But medium compression shapewear can be worn under any kind of costume, without having to worry about suffocation.

Medium constriction helps you in overall transformation - it smoothes out your lines, and the strong constriction also assists in giving you a firm shape. Thus, make sure that you go for medium compression if you are going to wear your shapewear regularly.

4. Butt-lifters, but no erasure:

While many of the shapewear lines insist on reducing your rear, it is not necessary that every shapewear has to do that. There are many shapewear that act as butt-lifters - these enhance your butt instead of reducing them. Just like a bra, this lingerie helps in keeping your butt in place, while also helping in toning your tummy.

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5. Keep it comfortable, keep it cool:

Shapewear is generally made of spandex and nylon, as they help in sweating more and compressing your muscles efficiently. Wearing breathable shapewear helps your skin to breathe freely and enables you to work out easily.  

While spandex and nylon shapewear gives you warmth and heat in colder temperatures, these cotton lingeries are efficient in summer. Some designs even include microfiber that helps in odor control, thus keeping you fresh.


Shapewear is worn very frequently, thus it requires meticulous selection. Make sure to follow these steps and choose the right shapewear for you, and sculpt your body and show off your curves proudly!