Want to Learn The Secrets of Shapewear? Why Everyone Chooses it

Want to Learn The Secrets of Shapewear? Why Everyone Chooses it

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Want to Learn The Secrets of Shapewear? Why Everyone Chooses it

After liposuction, the doctor will require the patient to wear shapewear bodysuit, so how long should I wear the shapewear? What kind of shapewear should I choose? Let’s talk about this with you today.

 Liposuction sculpting can help girls achieve the purpose of sculpting in a shorter time and more efficiently. Shapewear can not only effectively control the swelling and hematoma of the liposuction area, but also make the uneven skin fit well after liposuction.

Open Crotch Lace Full Body Shapewear

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The ultimate goal of liposuction is to have a good body shape, so the biggest function of body shaping clothes is to shape. The shapewear will give the skin continuous pressure, and the continuous pressure has a shaping effect on the fat tissue, helping the skin to quickly recover smoothly after liposuction.

Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear with 3 Hooks

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After liposuction, the amount of fat is reduced, and the space in the skin remains the same. The skin and muscle layers are separated, and space, where the fat was originally located, becomes empty. The elastic body shaper can resist gravity, fix the fat layer of the skin in the correct position, and help the fat layer to adhere to the deep fat to prevent the skin flap from falling off and sagging.


Generally speaking, wearing shapewear after liposuction can reduce postoperative bleeding and tissue edema. In addition, the shapewear can avoid the local accumulation of exudate, leading to hematoma or seroma, and promote postoperative recovery. It should be noted that the pressure of the selected elastic shapewear should be moderate, too small elasticity can not play a fixed role; too much pressure will affect the venous return and cause swelling. Therefore, it is recommended to use shapewear from professional brands. Find the best plus size shapewear on durafits.com

Butt Boosting Sculptor Flat Angle

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 After liposuction, body shaping clothes usually need to be worn for about three months to ensure effectiveness and reduce the rebound rate. Under normal circumstances, one month after surgery, especially the first week, it is recommended to wear shapewear all day long. After a week, if the recovery is good, you can wear it intermittently. It is best to wear around 8 hours a day

After liposuction, you must follow the doctor's instructions and wear it on time to help your skin quickly restore smoothness and firmness.

After liposuction, you need to choose medical shapewear. The medical shapewear has constant elastic pressure, scientific pressure, safer, and more effective. Click durafits.com find your dream shapewear.

Open Bust Body Shaper With Side Zip

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The wearing area of the medical sculpting garment should completely cover or even exceed the liposuction area. The size of the shapewear during the swelling period should not be too small. Change the size after the swelling is reduced. The size selection is subject to pressure but comfortable to wear.