Which Compression Level of Shapewear Fits You?

Which Compression Level of Shapewear Fits You?

The secret behind perfect shapewear is how soft and comfortable it is, along with the appropriate compressions. There are all sorts of compression bodysuits, ranging from light smoothing compression to extra firm compression. To help you evaluate better the kind of compression that would most complement your body, here is a detailed level compression guide.

  • Non-shaping and smoothing undies:These are highly airy and soft against your skin. They provide a clean look to whatever dress you carry above them. These are the perfect base layer and fit right in so your body does not feel tucked in or hanging out. Soft, seamless bikinis and long shorts are examples of this kind of compression.
  • Light compression:This shapewear smoothens the areas that you find most bothering. It could be your stomach, back, or your butt. Shapewear with light compression comes in two pieces set, which gives you the liberty to wear either both, none, or one. It perfectly sits over your tummy to prevent any bumps and inconsistencies. Not just this, but almost all sorts of bodysuits are available on Durafits The bodysuits are affordable, customizable, and available in all compressions!


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  • Medium Compression:If you want to contour your body figure and levels, the best is to go for shapewear with medium compression. Most plus size body shapers come in medium compression because they are required to smoothen the protruding areas. Medium compression adds a subtle lift to your rear body while keeping it in sync with your friend. It is one of the reasons why this is the go-to shapewear for even slightly oversized women.  

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  • Firm Compression: If you want to try on a new dress which you are not sure about, this is one of the best shapewear . These are untraceable, making them the perfect shapewear to wear under a silk dress or satin shirt. These catch hold of the material, so your dress and shapewear are resonating, and nothing is falling apart. The hidden curves firm slips are one of the best products under this category.


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  • High compression:High compression is the one to choose to have your shapewear sit extra tightly on your body. The detail to pay attention to is that just because it is highly compressed does not mean it is restrictive. They will firmly control your tummy and waist, and create a perfect figure shortly. Also, good designed shapewear should be comfortable and easy to wear.  


Different people have different expectations from their bodysuits. Some want their stomachs to hide, while some want their breasts elevated. Lucky for you, there are options to feed all kinds of needs and requirements. While choosing the compression, keep in mind what you would feel comfortable in. It is advisable to try out each one of them to access your comfort zone. Buy after you are well aware of what will go the best with your body.